If It Be Thy Will Prayers


Most of us have been taught to pray “If it be thy will prayers”. This is to say that we don’t really know if it is God’s will, but if it is, so be it done. This appears to be the right way to pray as we don’t want anything that is not His will. However such prayers also mean that we really don’t know how to pray. Jesus knew He had to go to the Cross but prayed ” Not my will but thine be done”. This is not a if it be thy will prayer. It is a prayer  to confirm that this is God’s will although it is a painful task ahead for Him. However many times we use this as an excuse to pray, if it be thy will.

How To Pray?

God has revealed in His word how we ought to pray. We must pray with certainty for what we ask. We must demand that we have what we ask when we ask according to His will. This means we must know His will first. How do we know His will? We know His will through His written word and His Holy Spirit who confirms His word. Should we pray for healing? God’s will is that we all be healed and be prosperous. In this fallen world we will be prone to sickness and poverty but this is not God’s will. God’s perfect will is that we are well and made whole. He allows sickness but this is not His perfect will. Should we pray that we marry a certain person? God desires that we marry and not be consumed by our sexual passions. He won’ want us to marry the wrong person who is an unbeliever. How can light walk with darkness? 

God’s Will

We can know God’s will. Once we know His will then we are to pray with certainty and not waver. Some prayers are answered immediately, like in healing. Others have to be contended for till the answer is received. Stop praying, if it is thy will prayers once you know His will. We must wait in the Spirit till we know His will. We cannot understand God’s will through our mind. His Spirit will give us the answer in specific situations. Our mind will then understand. When we begin to pray with conviction than we will begin to see more answers to our prayers. Let us to day ask and not doubt. God’s will is that we be whole as our soul prospers. Sickness is not God’s will.  Jesus completed His work on the Cross so that we can be free from sickness and poverty. Let us believe this and glorify God. He is waiting to bless us. Are we ready to receive His blessing?

Photo by Tara Winstead on Pexels.com

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