Spiritual Blindness Is Real


Many go about their daily lives blind to so many things in life. We operate in our own make belief world and do not see it as others see it. This kind of blindness can appear in many areas. We could be physically blind and so cannot see. This will be apparent to all. A blind man needs help to guide his way. His organ of sight is absent and so he cannot see. However we can also have blind spots where we see but still don’t see. Something is right before us but we don’t see it. Someone else comes along and finds it but we never saw it although we had looked at it in the same place. 


In a similar way we could also have psychological blindness. We fail to perceive certain things because we fail to understand or grasp beyond the physical realm. This will affect our communication. This is illustrated clearly where men are said to mean one thing but women think or discern a different message in the same words expressed. The meaning is at different levels. Both are right but perceive differently. A glass half filled with water can be seen as half full or half empty. So also in other areas we fail to understand another person because we interpret a situation in physical dimensions rather than in psychological. 


Spiritual blindness is also real. Many doubt there is a spiritual dimension to our lives. We think all we see is all there is. Others know about God but don’t know Him personally. There are different levels of spiritual blindness. This blindness is what Jesus meant when He spoke in parables to His disciples. They did not understand what Jesus meant because it was hidden from them. Spiritual truths can only be understood by the spirit. One needs to be born again in the spirit to understand spiritual things. What is seen as spiritual can be just a interpretation of the mind like most philosophies are. God is Spirit and those who come to Him must come in spirit and worship Him in spirit. May God open your eyes to see and believe.

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko on Pexels.com

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