Know Your Authority In Christ


Jesus said, “I give you all authority. Go in my Name and make disciples of all nations”. What does this all authority mean? Authority is to do with rulership. The centurion had authority to command his soldiers to do as he commanded them. They went and did it. Similarly  Jesus who is God has given us spiritual authority over all demonic forces to command them to be silent. This world is under the control of Satan. However Jesus came to take back control. He does this now through His church on earth. Satan has taken over the earth but the church is called to take it back from him. The church is asleep and has forgotten the command to take control and to rule and reign on earth.


We as believers in Christ must now take our place and implement the command to preach the gospel to all nations. The good news that Jesus has completed the defeat of Satan on the Cross must be preached. It is only when the church heeds the call will we see victory in our life, family, community, city and nation. We have to do the job as we have been given the keys to death and life. The angelic hosts are waiting for us to use the keys to bind and to lose. We bind the enemy and lose the captives. The spirit world is real and the church needs to wake up to take our place of authority. The world is in a mess because the church has not implemented the command of Jesus.


Jesus set the example for us. His light now shines through us to push back the forces of darkness. Men are bound by darkness and the demonic controls them. We need discernment to see the spirit world and take authority to push them back from controlling our lives. In all areas of life the demonic is prevalent. We see this played out in government, family and society at large. The false ideologies have taken root in the masses and the devil is stealing, killing and destroying us . We the church have to implement our God given authority to reverse this downward trend. The angelic hosts are waiting to act on our command. Let us establish the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven now in our areas of influence.

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