Are We Ready To Meet Our Maker?


Death is not an easy subject to talk about. Yet the reality is that we will all die one day. The reality of death is what makes life so precious. Without death life is meaningless. However to many death is something to be feared. Why? Death is the end of all things. Jesus said He had come to give us eternal life. He had reversed the curse of death. This was His primary mission. Death entered mankind and all creation through the Fall of Adam and Eve. Life now comes through Jesus. Only in Jesus is the answer to life and death. There is no one else that can answer the question of death.

Eternal Life

Everyone of us will have to come to terms with death. Most of us would avoid this subject as it sounds negative and destructive. Death never appears to be positive except for those knowing eternal life. Eternal life has no beginning and no end. God is eternal and He is the only one who can give us eternal life. Yet God has destined man to choose heaven or hell. Our choice depends on our decision to follow Jesus or deny Him. God has given us a choice because He is God. He does not force Himself upon us.

Your Choice

Our God is a consuming fire. He is also a God of mercy and grace. Because evil is real so also is love. Light and darkness cannot live together. We either walk in the light or in darkness. Our God is a jealous God. He has purchased us with the blood of Jesus. He therefore will not treat the sacrifice of His Son lightly. Once we come into the light, His blood cleanses us of all sin. It is this transaction that enables us to walk in the light as He is in the light. Death has lost its sting and we can face death with no fear. What a salvation we have in Jesus.

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