In The Spirit You Are Flying Above The Clouds

Flesh Walk

Most of us operate in the flesh rather than in the spirit. We are only aware of our spirit when we are not engaged in fleshly activities. Our daily activities are done in the flesh but we can still operate in the spirit. Few do this and so are oblivious to the spiritual dimension affecting them. When things go wrong they look for fleshly solutions. The real problem maybe spiritual attack but due to lack of knowledge we look for solutions in the wrong places. Many are hassled by feelings of rejection, shame and self hatred. They maybe psychological problems but the culprit maybe demonic.

Spirit Walk

In the spirit we operate above the clouds of rejection, despair and a host of other issues. Under the cloud these problems can be major stumbling blocks to a walk in the spirit. The solution can be to fly above the clouds in the spirit where there is sunshine all the time. We were born as spirit beings and therefore have the ability to fly above the clouds. Yet we choose to walk in the flesh rather than the spirit. Few choose to walk in the spirit most of the time. Therefore we see a church struggling, weak and powerless in its engagement with the demonic world.

Spiritual Warfare

The demonic world is real. Satan pretends that he does not exist and fools a lot of people. Most think Satan is just a funny guy who frightens little children. This is false and let us not be fooled. We need to confront our arch enemy who is robbing us of our inheritance. Jesus main mission was to defeat Satan at the Cross and set us free. We cannot now sit on the fence and do nothing. We must engage our enemy and fight from above and not from below. When we do this, we will overcome and win the world for Jesus.

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