If Ideology Is What Separates Us Than Jesus Is Who Unites Us


Ideology is the story of what we grew up from our birth. We were taught what were the norms in the culture we grew up in. The culture determined who we would follow and how we would behave. If we grew up in India it would be different from if we group in China. One was brought up in a democratic nation and the other in a communist nation. The two ideologies are different and so we become like the one we were brought up in. The clash of ideologies follows us throughout life. It has become part of our identity. Identity is essential for our survival. This is compounded by being brought up in a nation outside our race. Now we have to adapt to the ways of the nation we were born in.


Most of us follow blindly the way we were brought up. They may not be always the best ways but they are the ways we know. We parent the way we were parented. Therefore a clash occurs when our ways are challenged. This is because our identity is being threatened. We think our way is the right way. Only those open to change will be prepared to change. The new ways of working challenge the old ways. The old ways maybe right and good but the new ways introduce a difference. This difference if not managed well can lead to disruption of relationships at all levels of society. We see this acted out in marriage, education, health and government. The labour movement thinks differently from the liberals. One is for sharing all things while the other majors on rewarding those who can work.


Jesus came to bridge the cultures. He refused to follow the religious laws and traditions of His time. He came to fulfil the laws by laying down His life for His creation. This is the only way we can unite in our differences. Either our differences keep us separate or Jesus unites us through His death and resurrection life. He changed history by putting an end to death by giving us eternal life. Now we can enjoy His life without fear because we are all headed for heaven. What is the point of fighting for our rights when we have His life in us. We have everything we need when we have Him. Let us unite in His Name and not give in to petty distractions that keep us divided.

Photo by Abhilash Sahoo on Pexels.com

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