How Our Theology Determines Our Outlook

Law Versus Grace

God gave us the Ten Commandments to make us aware of our sinful nature. Without the law we were unaware of sin. After the law was given man had a choice but he found he was powerless to obey the law and its demands. The problem was sin and the only answer was a blood sacrifice. So animal sacrifice were made to satisfy the demands of the law. However this was only a partial solution. The only solution was for God to send His only Son to be the permanent sacrifice for the problem of sin. The power of sin was reversed through the Cross and now we are free to be. This is what grace is all about. It is a free gift with eternal consequences. We now can continue to live under the law or live under grace.

Predestination versus Choice

Many believe we have been predestined to be saved and therefore there is no need to spread the gospel of Good News. This is a false teaching that says there is no point to do anything because God had already predestined as to who would be saved. Yes God has predestined us for salvation but we have a choice to make. God knows who are His but we still need to make a choice. He has given us a free will and we can choose to follow Him or reject Him. Jesus died that all maybe saved. He did not come just for the few select ones. We must choose to accept Him as our Lord and Saviour.

Poverty versus Prosperity

Many believe that poverty is a sign that we have no attachment to things on the earth. However God has promised us an abundant life. This abundance is not just spiritual but that we should prosper as our soul prospers. This means it affects our bodies and our finances too. We can walk in health and prosperity or poverty and sickness. This too is a choice. A theology of poverty and lack will reap the same. We need to check our theology and align it with the word of God. Human interpretations of scripture have lead many to make wrong choices. The above are a few of the ways we live below what God intended for us. Correct your theology and see how your life changes for good.

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