Ego Is A Seed That Must Die To Bear Fruit.


Our ego is that fallen state that is self centred and proud. Our ego has to die so that it can bear fruit to righteousness. The fruit of the ego is pride, jealousy, envy, hatred, anger, malice and all other kinds of destructive tendencies. We need to die to these tendencies and bear fruit that builds our character. Fruit like love, peace, joy and all the fruits of the Holy Spirit. How can pride be companion with humility? One must die for the other to flourish. This is the process of sanctification. We must actively die to the fruits of the ego so that we can bear the fruits of the Holy Spirit. This is an ongoing battle we face and each time the ego bears its head we have the opportunity to die to it.


We must bear good fruit to add to our faith. Many fall into harms way because their faith was not girded by the fruits. We may have a lot of faith but without love we are but a clanging cymbal. This is where the battle is and our part is to daily die to our ego. A seed must die to bear fruit. A seed that does not die remains as it is, a seed. Death leads to life. Jesus died and came forth in resurrection life. We too must die to operate in resurrection power. Could it be that the church has failed to die and therefore lacks power? This power is to operate in the gifts and fruits of the Spirit.


Let us each day confront our ego and die to our selfish ambitions. We know what is good and therefore have no excuse to give in to the desires of our flesh. Many problems in the church can be solved when we walk in love. Failure to do so will result in division and hostility. What we see in the world of division and hostility is sadly seen in the church too. How can we be light and salt if we are like the world? It is time for the church to be the church and lead by example. It is time for action as talk will not achieve anything but hot air.

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