The Secret Place Is Our Hiding Place Against The Attacks Of The Devil.

The Secret Place

The secret place is where the Spirit of God resides. We too are seated in heavenly places with Christ Jesus. This is the place where we need to operate from. We still live in our body but our spirit is seated in heavenly place. This is our secret place where we wield authority and operate in the flesh. Most of us are unaware of this position we have in Christ. To operate in the Spirit is to operate from our secret place. We cannot win the war against our enemy but from our secret place. The enemy has no place in our secret place. He is banned from the throne room of God. We reside in the third heaven while our enemy taunts us from the second heaven.

Our Position In Christ 

Our position in Christ is a privileged position. This is where we relate in the spirit with the Holy Spirit. We have the mind of Christ and so can rule and reign on earth with His mindset. Our communion with Him is what will get us over the hurdles that we face in life. All around us maybe crumpling and failing but within us we are overcoming. We can overcome because the overcomer lives in us. We know how the disciples went through a lot of persecution but rejoiced in the midst of it. We too can rejoice when troubles come our way because we live from within and not from without. Even when all appears to be lost, we still live in victory because we know we win in the end.

Kingdom Of God Is Within Us

This is how we need to live. The Kingdom of God is within us where Jesus is King. Where else would we want to live? In His Kingdom is love, peace, joy and all the fruits of the Spirit. We can also operate in the gifts of the Spirit. We are spirit beings and therefore our home is where the Holy Spirit is. Here there is no death or decay because we have eternal life. The physical world is just a temporary phase. Our mind is set above and we feast daily at His table. Now we can live life to the full knowing that it is He who called us to this life. We have been chosen for a time like this. Let us be His light and life to a broken world we live in.

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