Reading The Word of God And Knowing The Word


There is so much knowledge we can have yet this knowledge is of no use if it is failed to be applied. We can talk about the subject without knowing the subject. This is what happens through our institutions of learning that teach us to amass a lot of knowledge but fail to apply it. Learning of itself is not bad but useless if it cannot be applied. I can learn a lot about tennis or football but if I don’t play it, what use is it?  Most of our lives is spent on learning about things but few learn to live it. This apples to the word of God too. We have a lot of mental knowledge but little heart knowledge.

Heart Knowledge

Mental ascent to the word of God remains in the mental realm. To manifest the word of God it needs to become a knowing or heart knowledge. When I know the Healer, He becomes my healing. I can know all about the Healer but nothing manifests. Most Christians can be divided into two camps. The ones who know about the word and those who know the word. The baptism in the Holy Spirit is an experiential event. It is not just an acceptance but a manifestation. In most cases there is evidence of the manifestation like praying in tongues. One needs to discern the difference. The baptism in fire can also result in manifestation like in a change in your character.


Is this the reason the church appears to be powerless and lifeless. We do a lot of external things to appear useful but are these only an appearance and not the real thing? God is Spirit and He manifests His power through His Spirit. Have we been deceived in to accepting the lesser because we have failed to teach on knowing God? Call on the Holy Spirit to infill you and baptise you in power and in fire. Hunger for this experience till you know you have it. This is the only way the church is going to be the head and not the tail. God give us all a hunger for knowing Him more.

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