Your Difficulty Is Your Opportunity To Triumph In Christ


Difficulties are part of life. We face different challenges as we live in a fallen world. A fallen world does not care about truth and justice. This is where as Christians we have to be the plumb line and not the bottom line for truth and justice. Many are the challenges we face daily but in Christ we can triumph. There is no challenge that we cannot face for He is with us. All we need to do is ask Him to help us. It becomes His problem when we ask Him to help us. We say, “What are we going to do about it?”

Holy Spirit

His Holy Spirit is our Counsellor and Guide. He was sent to help us. However we tend to do it our way than His way. This is when we run into difficulties. Our pride keeps us from surrendering our will and doing it His way. We want to claim points for doing it our way. We need to humble ourselves and ask the Lord to help us do it His way. In this way He will come to our help and show us His way. He said lay your burdens on me. He will carry our burdens. When we are yoked with Christ, He bears our burdens. 


Come today and empty your load on Him. He is our Father in heaven and He loves to help us. Israel wandered in the desert for forty years due to disobedience. Let us spare ourselves the same fate and surrender to His will. Let us pray your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. This is the only way to triumph in Christ. Let us not complicate matters by trying to do it our way. Most of our difficulties are due to choosing not to surrender to Him. All of life is a training ground for us in preparation for rulership. We will one day rule on earth. Let us be trained to triumph in righteousness and not give in to evil.

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