Strategy For Good Sleep That Works


Many people struggle with getting to sleep. They worry about not sleeping enough and this becomes a problem in itself. Worrying about anything will disturb your sleep. Sleep is important to our body and mental health. Sleep is the way we allow the stresses of the day to melt away and to recharge our body. Our body needs rest. We were not designed to work all the time. Even God rested on the seventh day! Sleep is vital to our bodily function and we need to have good sleep to lead a healthy life. Many who are sleep deprived suffer from various ailments in body and mind. One of the first signs of a mental disorder is the loss of sleep.


There are many strategies to help one to relax and induce sleep. Some count sheep, others do relaxation exercises to relax the body and mind and there are techniques that can be used to induce sleep. Some of these work sometimes. Some resort to drugs to help induce sleep. All these are short term solutions. Sleep can be disturbed by many causes and so one solution does not fit all. One of the ways is to meditate on the word of God. God says that he whose mind is fixed on Him will find peace and rest. His word enables one to rest in His arms. In His arms there is rest and peace. 

God’s Solution

Read the Bible before going to bed. Reading the word distracts your mind from daily worries and fixes it on God’s word. It relaxes the mind and many find that reading His word helps sleep induction. The word of God is powerful and so power is released to quiet the mind. Meditating on scripture is another way to reap the benefits of His word. God heals the broken hearted and the wanderer is brought home. This is a proven way to induce sleep and stay asleep. There is no more powerful medicine than the word of God. It works especially when you read it aloud and by faith believe in it. Try it today and be at rest and sleep well.

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