Jesus And I Can Change History

In His Image

God created us in His image. This means we have the potential of being like Him. This may sound preposterous yet God designed us in this way. He chose to make us like Him. An image is the exact replica of the subject imaged. The difference is that it is an image or reflection and not the original. No one can replace God as He is our Creator. Science may exclude God and come up with another theory to explain creation. Many believe otherwise and trust God is the Creator and what we see and know is from Him. I choose to believe He is my Creator and so I can expect Him to come through for me.

New Creation

Jesus said that a person who believes in Him becomes a new creation. The old is past and the new has come. This is a revolutionary statement. The disciples believed this and they turned the world upside down. They changed history and so we have a world that was before Christ and after Christ. We too can expect to change history when we surrender to His life in us. This is possible only because His Spirit lives in us. We know this because His presence is real and He works through us.

History Makers

I have experienced His presence and His life in me has changed me from a victim to a victor. Many of us caught up in this world system feel like victims. We are victims of the system we live in. Money rules our lives. We are programmed to believe that without money we can’t get anywhere or do anything. God says He is our Provider and money is only a means to an end and not the end. This change is what needs to happen for us to live like kings on earth. Jesus did not have much on earth yet He was the King of all creation. We too can live like a king when we know that the King lives in us. We can become history makers and not just followers. Today I want to challenge you to be a history maker as you put your hands in His hands and join me in changing history.

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