The Root Cause For Many Disorders Is A Confused Identity


Identity is the sense of our core being. We are known by who we are as a person. When we are secure in our identity then others will be able to relate with us and we with them. A confused identity will reflect many aspects that makes it difficult for a person to function. This could impact on our personality, sexuality and give rise to various disorders. Identity is developed over years and some have a smooth process while others get stuck on the way. Life events and relationships can impact on the formation of our identity. A trusting relationship early in life with good attachments to parent figures and others can lead to a healthy identity. However most of us will experience many changes and so face challenges that makes the journey difficult.


Trusting relationships are important is early development of a sense of self. We feel secure and so can explore the world without fear. Fear causes us to avoid certain challenges and so deprive us of learning and growth. Many get stuck in this process and never grow up. This may lead to the development of disorders that further impacts on our identity. Gender dysphoria and other disorders are a result of such arrests in development. We see this acted out in superficial behaviours that hide a deeper fear of exposure. We see this characterised in reflections in art and body disfigurement. What is displayed is a reflection of the deeper issues in a person.


Jesus came to give us a new identity. He said in Him we are a new creation. The old has past and the new has come. In Him we are secure and free because He takes our burdens and frees us to live life and that abundantly. He is the source of life and can reverse all that has gone before. Wholeness and freedom results in health and release from all disorders. Come to Jesus today and be set free and regain your original identity in Him.

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2 thoughts on “The Root Cause For Many Disorders Is A Confused Identity

  1. Probably our confused identity ablut ourselves, can cause various mental illnesses also.
    Please pray for my son (Arpith Varghese, 40) and my son-in-law (Binuf Varghese, 36)….suffering from such disorders.


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