Let The Image Of Jesus Shine Through You

Image of Jesus

We were born again into the image of Jesus. This means we are a new creation in Him. The old has past and the new has come. However we still live in our body and our soul is being redeemed. Our spirit is born again and lives forever. We now need to live out of our new nature. We have the divine nature within us. This is the nature of Jesus. The Holy Spirit within us helps us to walk in His ways. We can choose to walk according to the Spirit or according to our will. The more we allow the Spirit to lead us, the more we become like Jesus. Enoch walked with God and never faced physical death. We too can walk like Him for we have the Holy Spirit within us. 

Holy Spirit

In the old the Holy Spirit was working from without. Now the Holy Spirit has come to live within us. We therefore now have the power to live like Jesus. We bear His image within us. Will we allow the image of Jesus to shine through us? God has provided everything for us in the new covenant. This is a relationship we have with Him. Most people are content to know Jesus but not have a relationship with Him. This is where we fall short of the glory promised to us. Let us enter in and avail of His promises today. Why delay when the table is full for us to eat and enjoy of His pleasures today?

Land of His Promises

God is good and He will never withhold from us what He has promised. The delay and the failure is on our part. We have failed to trust God to do what He has promised to do. The people of Israel wandered around the promised land and never entered in because of unbelief. To day let us not allow unbelief to hold us back. The devil will try and distract and discourage us but we must stay fixed in our purpose. We must not let him rob us of our inheritance in Christ. Healing, deliverance and prosperity are ours today when we enter the land of His promises. Come let us enter in and change the world and make it heaven on earth.

Photo by Engin Akyurt on Pexels.com

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