In The Flesh We Display Many Personalities. In the Spirit We Display Jesus.

Created In His Image

We were created in the image of God. This image is in our spirit. In the spirit we are all like God. This is why a human creation is divine and not just a mass of cells. This revelation should make us aware of the potential in each person. However we tend to look at the external and so judge each other by our status, looks or wealth. Our spirit lives in a body which has a soul. In this fallen world we are faced with many challenges that make us who we are. This is the state we find ourselves in, broken and in a mess. However God has redeemed our spirit and so we have hope that He can redeem our soul. Our soul in different fragments of our self displays different personalities to others. This is how we cope in the world. We play different roles and these roles shape our thinking and feeling and behaviour.


Our soul operates to enable us to function through our body. We think, feel and act and this sums up how we display ourselves to others. We can act a role in society and this helps us do the things we are called to do. A employer acts in a different role to an employee. A parent acts in a different role to a child. In these roles we display a different personality to function. When we are sick we behave like a patient. When we are well we display a confident and bold personality. Some of us feel we are just going through the motions in life. Some are not even aware of the personalities that live within them. In extreme cases one is oblivious of these alter personalities. This is how we cope especially if we have experienced extreme events like trauma in our life.


Jesus came to set us free from the control of these different personalities in our life. He came to unite us and not to divide us. He bought us together in the spirit and now we can display the Spirit of Jesus. The more we function in the spirit the more we will display His image. Our soul and body will come under the influence of His Spirit. In this way we become whole in Him. This is our only hope. In Him we are made whole like the original Adam who walked on earth. Praise God we have a hope of salvation for body, soul  and spirit. Come to Jesus today and be made whole.

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