Fix Your Eyes On Jesus Despite Your Circumstances And Prevail

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Jesus needs to be the focus of our lives. When we take our eyes off Him then our focus becomes blurred. A blurred focus keeps us confused and distracted. Get back into focus by fixing it on Him. This is the only way to prevail in this broken world. Our circumstances may change but Jesus never changes. He remains fixed and unmovable. His Spirit in us will keep us focused on Him. This will apply to anything we do. Remain focused and breakthrough will come. Distractions are sent to keep us off track. The whole of life is our training ground to hone our senses to remain focused. 


Focus is a good sign of where we are in our daily walk. When we take our eyes off Jesus we begin to stray way from our primary calling. Our prayer life takes a dip. We get involved in things away from our primary purpose. God appears distant. We wonder why we are lacking the fire we used to experience. Get back to focus on Jesus. Wash yourself in His blood. Repent and get back to walking in the fullness of the Spirit. In this world many are the challenges and distractions that will keep us from our focus.


Breakthrough is round the corner. God has already provided for us. The delay is in not waiting in faith till we see the breakthrough. The manifestation is coming. Your healing is coming. All we need is already provided for. We must believe this. We can then ask for anything we desire and it will be done. God loves to bless us with more. Don’t be content with a little. Hunger for more so that you can bless others through the overflow. We cannot bless others if we are struggling to meet ends. We must overflow in His gifts and fruits to be a blessing.

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