Distance Your Soul From Your Spirit And Prevail

Our Soul

Our soul is what constitutes our mind, emotions and will. This is what makes us who we are in the flesh. It is our personality and we are known by others by who we are in relation to them. Our soul goes through many struggles during our growth from babyhood to adulthood. We face many challenges that mould our character and makes us who we are. Our soul is housed in our body. Our body interacts with the world around us through our senses which influences our soul. Some refer to the body and soul combined to stand for the flesh. The flesh is in enmity with our spirit. 


We therefore have a battle going on within us between our flesh and our spirit. Our spirit after it is born again houses the Holy Spirit. Now we can choose to walk according to the demands of our flesh or by the Spirit. We are charged to be filled in the Spirit and to walk by the Spirit. How do we do this when our flesh dominates our daily life? We can do this only when we become aware that our soul is separate from our spirit. Many confuse this issue and think that the soul and the spirit are the same. This confusion has led to many preachers ministering from the soul rather than from the Spirit.


To overcome in the Spirit we must distance ourselves from our soul. We must bring every thought to the obedience of Christ. We can do this only as we walk by the Spirit and not give into the desires and demands of our flesh. Distancing is a strategy that sees our soul as needing to be redeemed. Our spirit has already been redeemed and is bound for heaven. Our soul is being redeemed as we walk according to the Spirit. This redemptive work is a process till we die. One day we will be like Jesus when we see Him as He is. Now we see in part and therefore only are a shadow of the real. When we see Him as He is, we will be like Him with no blemishes. I trust this helps in your war against your flesh and the demonic that works through your flesh.

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

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