Jesus Death Certificate Released My Birth Certificate


What a wonderful exchange was accomplished on Calvary two thousand years ago. Jesus died that I may live. This is the story of Easter that changed the world forever. All creation rejoices at this truth that has set us free from a cycle of death. Everyone will one day die but Jesus has promised us eternal life in the spirit. He achieved this through His sacrificial death for mankind. All we need to do is to receive His gift and live forever. Yet man wants to do it his way and the sin of pride stops us from accepting this gift freely. He said freely you have received, freely give. God gave and it cost Him His Son.


My hope is in His finished work on the Cross. He said “It is finished”. He had completed His mission to redeem mankind from the fires of hell once and for all. Now God has given us a free will to decide if we will accept His gift. A gift must be received. Many refuse to receive and so will end up in hell. What a sad state of affairs that we are so blind to the obvious. The devil has blinded us to God’s plan of salvation and so religious rituals and traditions keep us bound to an endless life of slavery.


Come today and receive His gift of salvation. There is no greater gift you can receive on earth. This gift cannot be bought with silver and gold. This is why it is free. You have to step out in faith and believe and receive. Countless lives have been saved from destruction and hell through this small step. God is waiting for us to decide whom we will choose. I choose Jesus and His way of salvation. All other gods cannot save us as He is the only way to heaven. Come today and be saved and receive eternal life.

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