What Does It Mean To Live A Crucified Life?

Crucified Living

Jesus said those who desire to follow Him must deny themselves and take up their cross. This is a high calling yet how many of us understand what this means? We are happy to follow Jesus for the benefits we have in His salvation. Yet following Him means death to self. Jesus walked a crucified life before He was crucified on the cross. We too are called to walk in the same way. Yet how many of us are able to do this? There is no resurrection without a crucifixion. This is the truth and there is no other way to follow Jesus. We have been called but few desire to follow in His steps. This is the sad state of His church on earth. Many praised Him on Palm Sunday but few followed Him on Good Friday. Therefore few believed when He rose from the dead. It is the same today.


A crucified life means we are able to differentiate our soul from our spirit. Our soul longs to rule on earth but Jesus said we must rule from our spirit. When we understand this we will be able to access all God has prepared for us. God has already prepared a place for us. He has already ordained how we need to live. Yet few of us discern and walk according to His will. I believe this is because we are still walking according to our flesh rather then according to His Spirit. He said abundant life is in His Spirit not in our flesh. The more we crucify our flesh the more we will walk according to the Spirit.

Walking According To The Spirit

One way to walk in the Spirit is to pray in tongues. This bypasses our mind and connects with God’s Spirit. Now we can hear God speaking to us and so listen and do His will. This is not a one time experience. It is a daily walk and a conscious decision to walk according to His Spirit.  This is not hard work because all He needs is for us to yield to Him. He does all the work. What a salvation we have in that He has provided all things to live a full life. Let us begin today to live a full life in the Spirit. His resurrection life in us will enable us to do this. Hallelujah.

Christ Crucified by Hieronymus (Jerome) Wierix is licensed under CC-CC0 1.0

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