Operating By Revelation Or By Reasoning

Operating By Faith

We are called to operate by faith and not by sight. What does it mean to operate by faith? Faith is not blind believing. It is based on truth. The truth is revealed in the word of God. Faith based on nothing is madness. Therefore God revealed to us by His word His plan of salvation and ways of living an abundant life. Now we can choose to walk by faith or by sight. Walking by faith is to walk by revelation. This means that we connect with His Holy Spirit within us and listen to His voice. Jesus listened to His Father and did what He saw His Father saying and doing. We too are called to walk by revelation. This is not how we were brought up in this world. We were trained to reason.

Operating By Reason

To operate by reason is to think about what we are doing. We have to plan and to think of the pros and cons of the decisions we make. This is to operate by the fleshly mind. When we choose reason over faith we become like the world. This is what is happening in most of our churches. We come to Jesus by faith but then walk according to our mind. We have not been trained to walk by faith or revelation. Therefore the Bible says we walk according to the flesh. We are exhorted to to be filled in the Spirit and walk by the Spirit. This means that our walk is according to what the Spirit says and not according to our reason.


Our thinking must follow revelation. It is not wrong to think or reason but we must seek God’s mind before our mind. Seeking God’s mind is to walk by revelation. I have always intuitively walked by revelation. Sometimes people don’t understand how I came to a certain position. I too am amazed by the revelation but am confident it is the right decision. Later on I receive understanding of the revelation. This is where my mind is able to reason about the revelation. Revelation is the way the Spirit reveals to us the mind of God. This is so exciting that we can hear God’s voice as we actively seek to walk by faith. I would urge you to examine the way you walk and seek God first and all these things will be added to you.

Fishing lake at Revels farm by David Redwood is licensed under CC-BY-SA 2.0

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