The Power Of Everlasting Life Flows Through You

Eternal Life

When Jesus said He who believes in me receives eternal life, He meant just that. Eternal life has no beginning and no end. He is able to give eternal life because He is eternal life. He can only give what He has. No man can give you eternal life. His word is eternal in nature and therefore has the power to give eternal life. This is why His word has power that is endless. Imagine what this means. Eternal life flooding my being as I receive His word by faith and dwell in it. His life permeates every fibre of my being body, soul and spirit. This is how God redeems us from death to life. 

His Spirit In Us

His Spirit in us quickens our body. His Holy Spirit in us is a person and  lives forever. His life in us can strengthen our body. Eternal life flowing through us from our spirit to our body. This is why we can depend on the source of life in us for all our needs. He is a person and can personally minister to us to manifest Himself. This is why we can believe in healing and miracles. God desires to manifest Himself through us. The sole purpose Jesus came was to manifest Himself in our midst. Now we can have a personal relationship with Him. He is no more a impersonal God in a distance but a personal God who lives in us. We are the temple of the living God.

Endless Power

This awareness of His eternal presence within us must provoke us to desire more of His life to manifest through us. Once we come to this place of habitation we become of great value to His Kingdom. All His resources are available to us. We don’t have to do things in our own strength but His. What a transformation this is! God for many generations lived with people. Now He dwells in us. This shift makes us more powerful than an atom bomb. We can be in places and operate beyond time and space to execute His plans. It is like cyber warfare where we can be an influence through spiritual air waves to overcome satanic forces. We live to bring life to dead places. This is the good news of Jesus Christ.

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