How To Operate In The Limitless Zone Of God


On earth we are so limited. Our physical world limits us in many ways. There are rules and regulations that we have to conform to. Our educational system programmes us to think in certain limited ways. Science works within a limited framework to prove a theory. We can be so limited that we lose our God given creativity. God is not limited by time or space. He operates in a limitless zone. He has provided us with the same capacity to explore and break out of our imposed limitations. However we tend to operate within our human limitations because it is safe. What if you knew that there is more than what you see and hear?

Unlimited Possibilities

God put His Spirit within us to enable us to operate beyond limitations. In the Spirit we operate beyond physical limitations. There is a huge real world beyond the physical. Once we tap into this realm we begin to enlarge our sphere of influence. Prayer is a way to influence our physical world. I pray for car park space and on most occasions a space becomes available. My faith increases each time my prayer is answered. I did this recently and my friends were amazed when a car park became available just in front of the venue we were visiting. This is an example of how we can tap into the unseen world to make this happen in our physical world.

Our Potential

God has made resources available to us even before we were born. He thought of us before we were conceived in our mother’s womb. Imagine the potential we have within us knowing that God has already planned everything He has for us. Now all we need to do is tap into His zone and avail of His plan. Everything is provided for to fulfil His plan. There is no lack in heaven. Wars can be stopped through prayer. We know this from how armies from heaven were sent to confuse the enemy. Yet few of us tap into this realm to help us on our earthly journey. Let us join the armies in heaven who are fighting for us and prevail over the enemy’s plans to confuse and destroy.

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