His Presence In You Is What Matters More Than What You Know

Abiding Presence

God’s presence in us will not only influence us but also others. When we walk knowing that God goes with us, we become His light bearer. This is so profound that God has destined us to be His abiding place. Imagine the God of the Universe lives in us. This appears to be impossible to our finite mind to comprehend. Yet this is the truth. Jesus bought us with a price, His own sacrifice on the Cross. He now resides in us through His Holy Spirit. God is in us and with us. Now when we live in this consciousness of His presence in us, we become influencers. His Spirit in us radiates His presence all around us. Others can feel something different or a shift in the atmosphere as you enter a space. 

Personal Experience

I have experienced this many times. It is as if the demonic powers have to move out as I enter a space. It is His presence in me which does this. I cannot see what is happening but can see that something is happening around me. I attract favour many times and believe that the spirit of others are touched by my physical presence. I have become more aware of this recently and believe my discernment has increased. I would encourage others to walk in this revelation. We are spirit beings in an earthly body. We can influence others through our spirit. Is it possible that we can shift the world for good as we enforce His reign and rule in our lives?


I believe this is possible as we pray and seek His face daily. We are left with a mission in this world to see His Kingdom established on earth as it is in heaven. We can do this as we discern His presence invading the world through us. Let us unite in this together and see a trouble world being delivered from the hands of the evil around us. Let us fight our battles in the spiritual realms and not be engaged in useless earthly affairs. We have a mission to fulfil the last command from our Commander in chief, to go into all the world and preach the good news. Let us not delay but pick up our arms and enter into the battle today.

Photo by Brett Jordan on Pexels.com

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