We Glow As Our Spirit Takes Over Our Flesh

Fleshly Walk

Most of us go about our daily lives operating from our fleshly life. This life has to be distinguished from our spirit man. Our spirit man is alive in Christ. His Holy Spirit comes to reside in our spirit when we are baptised in His Spirit. Our spirit is renewed when we are born again. However we continue to walk in the flesh and no nothing of what it means to walk by the Spirit. When the Holy Spirit becomes our leader we know what it means to walk by the Spirit. This is a redeemed life walking in the fullness of the Spirit.

Spirit Walk

The walk in the Spirit is what God is calling us to do. Very few desire to walk in this way. What we call spiritual is really soulish or fleshly. Our soul tends to be enlightened but it is still not operating by the Spirit. To operate in the Spirit is to be led by the Holy Spirit who lives in our spirit. The Holy Spirit desires to manifest through us the gifts and the fruits of the Spirit. Our spirit comes alive and the Holy Spirit ministers through our spirit. This separation is what is needed in the church. Most Christians are satisfied being born again but few desire to walk in the Spirit. Therefore the church is no different from the world. 

Abundant Life

God has provided all we need to live an abundant life in the Spirit. Through His Spirit in us we begin to glow in our soul and our body. The manifestations of the Spirit can be experienced. This is how Peter was able to walk on water. Miracles occur when we walk in the Spirit. What is impossible in the flesh becomes possible by the Spirit. Words are inadequate to express the dimension of walking in the Spirit. It is like walking in heaven on earth. Let us pursue for the best God has for us and never relent.

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Photo by Adonyi Gu00e1bor on Pexels.com

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