Knowledge Without Understanding Is Useless


In this world we have a lot of knowledge about things and matters to do with our physical world. This is good but a lot of knowledge without understanding does no one any good. I may know a lot about the workings of a motor car engine but what use is it if I can’t apply what I know practically? Knowledge in itself is not bad but has no power to change me if I fail to understand what I know. This lack of understanding blinds people to the truth. This can be applied in all areas of our life especially to our spiritual world. We know a lot about God but do not know Him as a person.


We were born again in our spirit. This means that once our spirit was dead but in Jesus our spirit has come alive. We have a new spirit in us. Many are satisfied with this position and do not go any further. However God has more for us then just having a new spirit. He desires to give us His own Holy Spirit to indwell us. This is called the baptism in the Holy Spirit with the manifestation in tongues. Few either lack this knowledge or refuse to accept that this is required to live an abundant life. It is only by revelation that one becomes aware of the need to be baptised in the Spirit. 


When we read the scriptures we can read it as an inspiring word. However His word becomes flesh when we understand and receive His word personally. There is a big difference between knowing about His word and knowing His word. I can know all the rules about driving a car but it is only when I drive a car do I really understand how to drive a car. Many fail to understand that God is a person and desires a relationship with us. We maybe saved and bound for heaven but fail to know Jesus as a person in a relationship with Him. What a wonder this is that we can have a relationship with God who is as real as our next door neighbour. Let us enter into the fullness that God has prepared for us and live.

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