Your Perception Can Mar Your Sense Of Reality


Perception is the reception of your mind to see things the way you perceive them. Your senses see or hear and your mind interprets what you see and hear and this is perception. The interpretation of your sense is what leads to your sense of reality. I can perceive an object as beautiful but another person may see it as ugly. How is this possible? This is possible because what we perceive depends on how we interpret reality. Reality is a state of mind. My reality maybe different from yours. This is why we have so many opinions about issues and persons. This maybe confusing but this is how we interpret reality. What then is real?


What is real many times turns out to be fake because our perceptions have deceived us. Reality is a perception and can be challenged. However there are general rules we need to follow. A red light is a red light unless you are colour blind. One who is colour blind will refute this reality. Once people thought the world was flat till the facts were challenged and now we believe the world is round. However there are still people who think that the world is flat! This is all to do with perception. Your reality is your perception. Some can be so fixed in their thinking that they are deluded. We label this as a psychosis. Our mind is so complex and needs constant attention to renew it.


The Bible says we are transformed by the renewal of our mind. What we have been taught has to be renewed through the word of God. We are programmed in this fallen world to think and perceive in certain ways. The word of God comes to challenge this view. Some believe God causes sickness and disease. The Bible states that the devil causes sickness and disease. This change in thinking will cause us to believe for healing rather than accept the sickness. This is a change of perception. I once perceived my sickness as trouble now I see it as an opportunity for healing. Reality has changed the way I deal with sickness. I now believe for divine health rather than sickness.

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