Baptisms. How Many?


The Bible mentions baptisms that sometimes are all boxed into one. I believe there are separate baptisms and each has a power and revelation. Traditional churches focus on infant baptism but this is only a ritual to receiving more as a person becomes mature in the faith. The first baptism mentioned is the water baptism. This is to follow repentance and receiving Jesus as Saviour and Lord. It is a public declaration of death and resurrection into new life in Christ. Our spirit is born again and we now are able to walk in the spirit. Most evangelical teaching would stop at this and rest satisfied with this baptism.


However there is a baptism in the Spirit that is a further step in the walk in the spirit. Jesus baptises in the Spirit and Fire. The baptism in the Spirit is usually manifested in speaking in tongues. This is what happened at Pentecost when the Spirit filled the first disciples. This is the same today when we are filled in the Spirit. Taking control of our tongue is significant because it is the rudder to our life. What we speak influences us and others. The consecration of our tongue is a manifestation of how the Spirit works. We now have a gift that enables us to talk directly to God. It bypasses our mind but understanding comes as our tongue gets interpreted. God reveals His mind to us and it comes in the form of a revelation. This is my experience.


Finally there is the baptism in fire. Fire connotes burning. Fire burns all the dross in our life. It purifies us. All that is not holy is burnt out of us. God dwells in a fireplace. He is holy and we now also are set on fire. Fire also empowers. This means that there is a power released to move mountains. Fire power can drive demons out and purify the habitation. If we want to see God move amongst us in power we need the fire of God in us. There is warmth and love that burns like fire. Fire also brings light in darkness. Nothing of darkness can reside in darkness. Darkness will be exposed in the light. All that is corrupt will be exposed. We need the baptism in fire to move forward in God.

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