The Problem With The Human Condition Is Not Psychological But Spiritual.

Human Condition

Many have tried to make a case for the human condition which is struggling to understand the good and evil in a person. Most have looked for biological reasons and even come up with theories to understand this psychologically. However none of these theories hold water as the basic reason for this is spiritual. The Bible clearly describes the human condition in no uncertain terms. Sin is a problem and there is no solution to sin than the sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross. Many see this as a easy solution but God who created us also provided a solution. Why then do humans try to  come up with another explanation? Man has always desired to be in control and through this need is driven to make sense of the dilemma we find ourselves in.

God’s Solution

This has been the problem from the beginning. Our fallen nature rejects the need for another. We were made in the image of God and therefore are able to fathom into the depths of creation. However we fail to understand that we are still His creation and not the Creator. In this fallacy lies the problem of man and so the development of different theories for our existence. God has provided a simple answer but we reject it at our cost. The cost is eternal death rather than eternal life. God knew the nature of man and so planned that His Son would be sent to die to reverse the curse of sin. 


The solution is before us but we have to choose to accept His solution. Our pride blinds us to the simple but profound plan of redemption. We choose the complicated and complex theories rather than accept what is plain and free. Man has always limited himself because we are of this world. God is Spirit and those who come to Him must come by faith and not reason. Reason will not open our eyes to see. Only faith in a loving God can open our eyes to see the splendour and majesty of God. Come today and be blessed through Jesus and be saved from eternal death to eternal life.

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