God Knows Our Thoughts

Our Thoughts

This can come as alarming to some that God actually knows our thoughts. He is the one who created us and He knows all about us and loves us. He does not look at our fallen state but our redeemed state in His Son. This is so profound that He could still love us despite our fallen state. Our thoughts are mainly from our soul realm. We are influenced by so many voices around us. Many of these voices are negative and we entertain these negative thoughts. God has provided us with a way of escape through His Holy Spirit who lives in us.

Holy Spirit

In the Spirit we can overcome all negative thoughts and feelings. When we become aware of our negative thoughts we can distance ourselves from them and bring them to submission to Christ. The more we walk in the Spirit the more we will become able to overcome. Our negative thoughts are our battle ground. We have allowed these thoughts to remain and so they have become part of us. The whole process of transformation is to be transformed in our minds. This happens as we yield to the Spirit in us.


God has provided for us an escape through His promises in His word. We need to replace our thoughts with His positive word. We should not allow the devil to rob us of our inheritance in Christ. We have a bright future and hope. God wants the best for us and our destiny is already recorded in our books in heaven. All we have to do is to trust Him to bring it to pass as we trust in Him. This is the only way to live a holy life acceptable to Him. He has provided for us, for He knows our weaknesses and will strengthen us in our time of need. Let us look to Him to complete what He has begun in us.

Photo by Rodrigo Souza on Pexels.com

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