Spiritual Truth Is Reality. Everything Else Is An Illusion Of Reality.

Spirit Realm

We live in a world where we are mainly sense led. Our physical senses perceive our sense of time, space and direction in life. This then dictates what we perceive as reality. However there is a spiritual realm that is above the physical realm. This world can only be perceived through our spirit. God is Spirit and therefore we can only know Him by faith through the spirit. The spirit world is real even though we don’t see it. Just because we cannot measure the spirit world does not mean that it does not exist. We know there is a greater power that keeps the galaxies and all we see above us in perfect balance. Yet we deny His existence because we cannot measure Him through our senses. 

Spiritual Truth

Spiritual truth is reality. When one becomes aware of this realm everything else fades into the background. What we perceive through our senses is just a reflection of what is happening in the spirit realm. This may sound weird to some but that does not make it less real. We can observe indirectly some things that happen that are beyond explanation. How does one explain miracle cures? How can one pray and see the results of prayer repeatedly not as a coincidence! When we become aware of the spirit realm, our whole world takes on a different perspective. We realise that all that we see is here today but gone tomorrow. Death is a reality that few of us want to think about. 


Jesus came to reveal the reality of the spirit realm to us. He came as a  human being so that we can understand Him and through Him God. He demonstrated the impossible through signs and wonders. His disciples went on to do the same. Today we see these signs are possible if we believe. I have experienced His healing power and manifestations at different times. I cannot explain it in physical terms but they were real. Once we get to know the Holy Spirit as a person He will lead us into all truth. This is now my reality. Nothing compares to this personal relationship with the Holy Spirit who guides me each day. He is not limited by time and space and I now live an eternal life.

Photo by Eugene Capon on Pexels.com

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