If Jesus Conquered Death Why Do We Still Die?


Jesus died and rose from the dead is a fact. In this way He proved that He had conquered death. We have been redeemed from the power of sin which caused death and therefore have also been saved from death. However this death refers to spiritual death. We have been redeemed from spiritual death. Our soul and body have not been redeemed. Our soul and body will suffer from the effects of sin. We are being transformed in our soul through the renewing of our mind. This transformation will have beneficial effects on our body. Physical death is a reality because we will all die one day. Yet this is a temporary phase as we will go to be with the Lord till we receive our new body.

Spiritual Death

Our relationship with God is through our spirit. Our spirit was dead but now is redeemed through the death of Jesus. Our spirit now is alive and has eternal life. We can now have a relationship with Father God. Our spirit now can grow in knowledge and wisdom. The Holy Spirit resides in our spirit. He communicates with us and directs our paths. In this way our soul is transformed as we choose His ways rather than our way. Once we walked in the knowledge and wisdom of our fallen state. Now we can walk in the newness of the Spirit. He will lead us into all truth. 

Life In The Spirit

In the Spirit we have life. This is the life of God in us. Now we have a new walk in the Spirit. This will transform us from within. What we used to enjoy no more has a hold on us. We are changed from glory to glory. Our soul and body gets touched by the Spirit. We begin to enjoy the walk in the Spirit. Our perceptions change and we now are changed to be like Jesus. In this fallen and broken world we will face many challenges. However God will lead us in His ways and provide a way of escape. He will meet all our needs from His resources in heaven. The devil will not be able to bother us because we are covered in His blood. We now can bother the devil by doing God’s will. We become light and salt on earth to bless others.

Photo by sergio souza on Pexels.com

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