Walking In The Spirit Is The Only Way To Die To The Flesh.

Spiritual Insight

Spiritual insight is to be able to see through the eyes of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit indwells each believer and provides the way of escape from the thoughts and intents of our soul. Our soul is still prone to sin in thought, word and deed. Our spirit has been redeemed and is the dwelling place for the Holy Spirit. Therefore to walk in the spirit is to walk in unity with the Holy Spirit. God has provided for us a Comforter and Guide who will see us through our journey on earth till we leave planet earth to be with Him forever. This is His promise and He has come to dwell within us to help us with our walk.

Soulish Walk

Our soul which is our thoughts, feelings and will are so influenced by the world around us. We compromise ourselves in our walk when we walk according to the demands of our flesh. This is why many believers find themselves conflicted within themselves. They want to walk according to the Spirit but find themselves powerless to do so. The only way out is to surrender all to the Lord and stop sitting on the fence. It is time to make a commitment to either follow the Lord or give into our fleshly desires. Our fleshly desires lead to death. Following the Holy Spirit leads to life.

Spirit Led Walk

God is calling the sheep to enter into the fullness He has prepared for all who desire to follow Him.  There is no place for compromise. There is a yes or a no and we have to decide who we will follow. This is where our will decides to follow the Holy Spirit or not. When we decide to follow Him we receive power to do according to His Spirit,His will. It is a battle of wills and this is where we face warfare. Come today and let us be led by the Holy Spirit and enter into the land of His promises.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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