What Does It Mean, To Have The Mind Of Christ?


Mind is to do with our thought life. We think through our mind. We feel through our emotions. Our thinking is limited by our physical senses. We perceive things through our physical senses. We sense pain and our mind interprets this pain as a danger sign. We smell fragrance and our mind interprets this as sweet smelling and refreshing. Our mind is the place where we process what we see and hear. A sound is perceived differently depending on how well our hearing is. This can give rise to distortions. A half empty glass can be seen as a half filled glass. We hear of opinions expressed though the media and our filters decide on what is right and wrong. All this happens in our mind. Therefore our actions result from how we perceive things. Our mind however is limited. We believe one story till we hear the other version of the same event. 

Spirit Mind

To have the mind of Christ is to think like He does. His revealed word in the Bible gives us the framework of His mind. We begin to process things through the filter of His word. What would Jesus do is a common question we can ask. His Spirit in us will enlighten us if we ask Him. The Spirit and the word work together to enable us to have the mind of Christ. Without His word we don’t have a framework to understand the things of the Spirit. His word has many layers of meaning. His Spirit opens our eyes to see the truth. Once we were blind now we see when we perceived the truth. Mind blindness is real. This is why we need the Spirit to see and do like Christ. In the Spirit there are no limits.

Mind Of Christ

My spirit mind is able to comprehend things that are limited by my earthly mind. This is how what was impossible became possible. People are raised from the dead. Someone had faith to believe and spoke the now word which raised the dead. The same way healing is possible as we speak His word of healing over our bodies and minds. To have the mind of Christ is to be able to see and do as He did on earth. This is astounding that we have this ability to see and do as He did. Let us pursue to live by the Spirit and imitate Christ in this. Living in the mind of Christ makes us one with Him.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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