The Faith Of Abraham


God counted Abraham’s faith in Him and Abraham walked in righteousness. Abraham trusted God. God recognised this and changed his name from Abram to Abraham. He was given a new name in recognition of his faith. He did not attain this through works but through trust. His works resulted from his faith. How we need to get back to this kind of faith or trust in God. We have turned faith into a work and therefore feel we need to earn favour with God. God never intended this. Adam did not have to work in the garden till he fell from grace. We too need to get back to the state Adam was before the fall. Working for something is different from working because of something. This something is called love.


God loves the world that He sent His only begotten Son to redeem the world He created. We must trust God as He is the author of our faith. He works through our spirit and therefore we must trust Him with our heart. It is one thing to trust him with our head but it is heart trust that bears fruit. Abraham’s faith resulted in righteousness. Our faith too will result in righteousness. This means we are acceptable to God because we believe in Him. The church needs to return to its first love. We have drifted away from faith in God to works for God. We cannot please God through works. Anyone who comes to God must come by faith. This is the key to a relationship with God our Heavenly Father. Jesus came to show us the way to the Father.


In a fallen world we are challenged by fallen wisdom. Wisdom from above is pure and unadulterated. God started a work in us and He will finish it. All we need to do is trust in Him to do so. We need to guard our hearts lest it wander away from its first love. God wants us to remain hot for Him and not become lukewarm. The seven churches in Turkey started off well but then became compromised. They were judged for this and they no longer exist. We too must heed this warning lest we too end up in the same state. Trust God and be well.

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