Faith Comes By Hearing And Understanding The Word Of God.


Faith is trust and one must trust God to believe He exists. God is Spirit and we need to trust Hm through our spirit to believe and trust in Him. When we hear God’s word we hear the sound but may not understand His word. Faith appears to be a word with no substance till it is believed. This is the difference between knowing about God and knowing Him intimately as a Father. Many believe in God but do not have the experience of knowing Him. This gap in belief and experience is because we are not believing with our heart. It is heart knowledge that leads to transformation. Merely knowing something does not change anything. 


Knowledge alone is not enough to trust. Trust comes from a conviction of the heart that what is written in His word is true. Once we are convinced we become convicted of the truth. It is this conviction that leads to transformation of our mind. Mere head knowledge does not bring conviction. Many believe God heals but then do not receive the healing. Could it be that the knowledge has not been translated into a conviction? I know from experience that the sun will set each day and a new morning will dawn the next day. In the same way we must trust God and know He is who He says He is. 


Today let us not just be satisfied with knowing about God and be convinced in our heart that He is. This will bring a transformation in our mind that will affect our body. Healing and miracles will manifest and we will be made whole. Let us believe with our heart and see our neighbourhood, city and nation change as we trust God to move in our midst. In the spirit there is a whole new dimension that we can tap into if we would believe. God is waiting for the sons of God to be revealed and this is the time for it. The glory of the Lord will cover the earth as the water covers the sea.

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