What You Speak From The Spirit Brings Life.


Our words have power to bless or to curse. Very few are aware that we are spirit beings made in the image of God. God spoke and created all things we see in the physical realm. He also created all things we don’t see in the spiritual realm. They are both real. He spoke things into being. We have the same authority when we speak. However most of us are not careful in what we say. Most of us speak from our soul realm and therefore only affect the soul of another. When we speak from the spirit realm we affect both the spirit realm and the physical realm. This is a profound revelation and those who understand this will be more careful how we speak.

Spoken Word

The centurion believed Jesus when He said your servant is healed. Jesus spoke and the centurion believed and his servant was healed. Jesus did not do anything but speak. He said we have the same authority to speak the healing word and that word will go forth and bring healing. The Angels are prepared to take that spoken word and bring it into action. This is what prayer does. We pray according to His will and the Angels are activated to do His will. We can speak to our bodies to be in health. We can speak to our situations to be transformed on earth as it is in heaven. Authority releases the power to bring heaven to earth.


How few of us operate in this authority! If the church realised what authority she has on earth, we will not see the same chaos we are faced with today. God is waiting for the revelation of the sons of God. We are the sons of God. We need to take our place and be the head and not the tail. When we conform to the world’s standards, we become like the world. We are called to be separate from the world and be an influence in the world. We do this by speaking from the spirit realm to change things on earth as light and salt of the earth. What a mission we have on earth as we wait for the return of our King and Lord. Let us go forth  and speak His word of life that all may see and believe.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

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