Our Book In Heaven Has Only Victories Written In It.

Photo by Alexander Grey on Pexels.com

Heavenly Book

The Bible states that each of us has a book written with all that is planned for our life on earth. This was written before we were conceived in our mother’s womb. We were designed by God and breathed into life to be His creation. However not all that is written in our book is fulfilled on earth. Many fail to fulfil His plans and will end up in hell. God created us in His image and we are part of Him. His Spirit will continue to woo us in His ways but we have to choose to follow Him. Some heed His calling and fit into His heavenly plan. Others only partially fulfil it. God’s plan for our life is good and there are no failures in it. The failures and calamities we face are due to other factors that we face on earth.


The challenges we face on earth are due to the fall. In the garden of Eden is the perfect image of God and man in harmony. There was no sickness or disease or disorder. It was like heaven on earth. This changed when man fell and listened to the deceiver of our souls. Today we face the same challenge to be deceived or to follow the voice of our Maker. In our book there are no calamities only victories. Israel had the choice of entering the promised land but wandered in the desert through unbelief. We too will wander and never realise the full potential of our creation through unbelief. It is time to reverse the plans of the devil and fulfil the plans of God.


In the spirit we will be able to overcome. God is Spirit and we are made in the image of His Spirit. When we walk in obedience we will begin to fulfil all that is written in our book in heaven. This was God’s ultimate plan to win back His lost creation through sending His son Jesus to die for us. God reversed the final enemy of sin, death, and rose Jesus from the dead. Now we can return to living life in heaven on earth. We can fulfil God’s eternal plan for us and be His light and life on earth. Let us unite in this truth and believe and live.

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