Life Is An Illusion. The Only Reality Is Jesus.


An illusion is something that we see but it is a false perception. Our mind is able to conjure different scenarios of a situation. Some we believe and take action on and others we discard. However all that we see or think is a creation of our mind. Our mind is not limited by time or space and can imagine things from different perspectives. Most of it is driven by our thoughts and feelings. When we feel suspicious we have allowed those thoughts to infiltrate our mind. We then conjure up scenes that confirm our suspicion. Many of us are unconscious to this process. We are led by our thoughts and feelings. Many relationships struggle with these illusory perceptions. All they are, are perceptions and these can be changed with new information.


Our spirit has access to the Holy Spirit who lives in those who believe. We can discern between right and wrong. We can operate in the spirit and not give into illusions of the truth. Our soul on the other hand is very sense oriented. It is led by our senses, what we see and hear. We hear a bad report and believe it, till we hear the other side of the report. Many conflicts can be resolved when we realise that there are two sides to a story. Many court battles try to convince the judge of one side of the story. These are all illusions of the truth. Most are unaware of the demonic influences in our daily lives. Demons work through people. Demons cause division and strife and where there is such strife become aware of demonic activity.


Jesus came to set us free from the demonic. Everywhere He went, He was dealing with the demonic. Yet very little of this is preached in churches. Signs and wonders followed the preaching of the word. Captives were set free and the sick were made whole. This is how we recognise that the Kingdom of God is at hand. Where there is strife and disunity nothing of God will survive. We are in a battle for the minds and hearts of those who are being saved. Many are the illusions that lead us away from the truth. Illusions give us a false sense of security because they are temporary. What is of the truth is eternal. Let us give up our illusions of temporary happiness and work to be children of light in a dark world.

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