Choose To Live In The Spirit Daily Rather Than Your Head.


God created us as a triune being in body, soul and spirit. Our spirit was redeemed when we were born again in the spirit through receiving His redemption of our spirit on the Cross. We however still live in our body and operate through our soul. Our soul which is our mind, emotions and will process our thoughts and implement our actions. These actions are mainly dictated by our senses which are still largely influenced by the world around us and the devil. We still struggle with the consequences of sin in our body and soul. This is why we see so much confusion and destruction around us. Our soul fights to survive through control and manipulation. Our conscience gets dulled over time because we get hardened by the world around us. 


We see the evidence of the works of the flesh around us. Most of us learn to live with it and make compromises for the sake of peace. However this peace is temporary because it is based on lies rather than truth. Lies have the ability to distort the facts and compromise truth. We therefore appear to go round in circles. Each generation suffers the same ills but in different forms. This pervades all areas of life from the individual, family and society at large. Wars are fought to win control and domination. Fear is the ruling spirit in the world. Disease and sickness spread at a rapid rate through fear. There is no rest for the wicked. The world moves on from one crisis to another.


Jesus came to deliver us from this present darkness. He enables us to operate in the Spirit as He did when He walked on earth. The same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead lives in us. We have access to His Spirit all the time. All we need to do is trust Him to speak to us. He speaks to us through all creation. He sends signs in the heavens and on earth. He will bless us from His riches in glory as we trust Him for all things. He becomes our habitation or dwelling place. In Him we are safe and secure for eternity. Come today and walk in the Spirit and prevail.


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