You Can Be In Your Secret Place All The Time.

Secret Place

God says that He will provide a way of escape in times of trouble. What is this way and place to escape to? I believe it is the secret place of His holy habitation. This is the place where our spirit communes with His Spirit. This is the place where we can hide and be ministered to by His Spirit. When we are in trouble we look for solutions to get us out of it. This is a natural response as none of us want to be distressed by our circumstances. However God says we need to trust Him during these times and not our own ways. Our ways may lead us to look for solutions in the wrong places. Many resort to drugs and alcohol as a way of escape. 


God has a place for us to dwell in all the time. This is His place of habitation. We do visit this place from time to time especially in prayer. However we can operate from this place all the time. In the world we are taught to function in different roles to achieve different tasks. In the Spirit we operate in the same position but use different strategies. God’s strategies are His ways. When we come to know His ways, we become more familiar with His personality. His ways are based on righteousness and truth. Our ways many times are selfish and self preserving. God sometimes allows us to face difficulties to mature us to be like Him.

Hiding Place

The secret place is our hiding place. In the Spirit we are not limited in time or space. We can be in the Spirit wherever we are. We can pray in the spirit all the time whilst we are doing our daily chores. In the Spirit we can go places and minister in the Spirit to people. God’ s Spirit will put His burdens on our heart and we can pray through to deliverance. This is how the Kingdom of God operates. Sadly the church has lost the art of intercession. Jesus took time to pray and be charged in His spirit. He continues to pray for us as do all the saints in heaven who have gone before us. We need to take our place on earth to cooperate with heaven to establish His Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.

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