Till The Soil Of Your Soul Till It Is Made Whole

Photo by RF._.studio on Pexels.com


Our soul is that part of our being that is made up of our thoughts, feelings and will. Our spirit was redeemed when we were born again of the Holy Spirit. Our soul and body continue to be prone to sin. Our soul is being redeemed though the renewing of our mind. Our body is also affected by this renewal. Therefore our soul needs to be renewed to manifest our new nature in the spirit. We are a new creation but manifestation is hindered by our soul which still operates under the influence of the old nature. Many are deceived thinking they are well now that they re born again. No wonder we do not see a difference in behaviour in the church and the world. The missing factor is the need to till our soul.


Tilling our soul is to change our thinking to conform with the word of God. When our mind is renewed then our feelings will also be renewed. The word of God is our template for renewal. We need the word of God and the Spirit to bring about change in our soul. This is to work out our salvation. Our position in Christ is established but now our relationship with Him must grow. A child needs milk and as the child grows needs meat to grow. So also we need to grow in our relationship with the Spirit to be like Jesus. 


In the Spirit we have all things we need to live a holy life. Living in the Spirit is to walk by faith. We can tap into the resources in heaven through His Spirit in us. God will reveal His thoughts to us and we get renewed through this process. This is the only way we can experience the resurrection power of Jesus. There is no other way to transformation. Our soul needs to experience death to experience life. We must die to our old self and be renewed in the new. This is the goal of our salvation. Let us today walk in the Spirit and be renewed to be like Jesus.

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