Selfishness Produces Weeds. Love Produces Fruit.


God’s answer to selfishness is love. We were born in sin and therefore  all we were concerned about was me, myself and I. We could not see beyond ourself because we were blind. Some of us have some awareness of this and try to move from the “I” position to the “We” position. However this takes a lot of energy and work to think of others when our primary needs are unmet. Most of us have gone through difficulties in our growing up years. These maybe from our parents, siblings or others. Trauma causes us to go into defensive living. We protect ourselves from getting abused and used. This is a common experience and many suffer from anxiety and depression due to this. However God has made a way of escape.


God knew we were helpless and could not save ourselves. He provided the answer through Jesus. He reversed the curse of sin and brought us into the light of His presence. He opened our eyes to see and experience the love of the Father. This love healed our wounds and brought us to a place of trust. We began to trust God to meet our needs. We moved from a focus on I to a focus on God and others. This shift brought about a change in our perceptions. We began to realise that there is more to living than just looking after our own needs. God gave His only begotten Son to die for us. This demonstrated God’s love for us. 


Now we began the journey from a self centred life to a God centred life. We moved from a position of living according to the law, to living by faith. This is a shift that enables us to tap into the supernatural power of God to meet our needs. We did not rely on our own resources but looked to God’s supernatural resources in heaven. This shift has caused us to love others as we love ourselves. God did it for us and will continue to work through us. We see the fruit of the lives that have committed their lives to God. I am no where the man I was because of His great love. Without Him I am nothing. With Him I have a purpose and meaning for living life to the full. I am called to serve others and this is my joy and blessing.

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