Faith Is Clear Eyesight


Faith is trusting in what is unseen and believing what is impossible is possible. Those who come to God must believe that He is. No one can come to God without faith. There is an unseen world we can tap into if only we believe. However our mind will resist believing because it wants to see. As long as we want to see before we believe, will not enable us to walk by faith. The Israelites wanted to make God into an image that they could see to worship. God is not an image. We are an image of God. We have the faith to believe because we were created in His image. Now we need to trust Him to respond to our faith.


Faith is the ability to see beyond the physical. Abraham believed God and saw. We must believe before we can see. This is the challenge we face in our daily walk. Will we walk by faith or by sight? Thomas said he would believe once he saw Jesus alive from the dead. Jesus asked him do you now believe? Many have seen Him but then stop believing. We need spiritual eyes to see and believe. This is why faith is seeing beyond the seen realm. In our physical realm we can see and so believe. God operates in the unseen realm and so we need to believe to see.


Spiritual blindness is real. This is why we need to pray that the blindness that clouds the eyes of the lost will be opened to see. Like the blind man in the Bible, sight will be restored. Many who opposed God now see and believe. Paul was blinded by his spiritual encounter but then saw once the scales dropped off. All that is seen will one day pass away but the word of God will remain. God is calling us today to trust Him and walk by faith and He will meet all our needs from His riches in heaven. The only way we can do this, is by faith.

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