Walking In The Limitless Power Of God


God is all powerful and is the Creator and we are His creation. We think we have a lot of power but this power is matchless compared to God’s power. He spoke and the world was created. All that we see was created by Him through His spoken word. Imagine how powerful were His words. Nothing could stand in the way of His word. We too can speak and see things change. This is why God has commanded us to be careful of what we say. Our words have the power to bless or to curse. What we hear around us can break us or build us up. In the world we hear a lot of negative words because the god of this world is Satan. Only we have authority on earth to reverse the words of the devil.


God reversed our words at Pentecost. He gave us a new tongue. This is the tongue of the Spirit. When we pray in tongues we release God’s power on earth as it is in heaven. We receive revelation in our mind of what God is thinking and saying. In this way we are able to think and speak like God. When we speak from the Spirit, we speak like God. This is how Jesus spoke. He had the authority of heaven behind Him when He spoke. Sickness and disease had to go as He spoke. The limitless power of God was behind His words. We too can do the same.


We can shift atmospheres as we speak from the Spirit. We have the tools to operate in the Spirit. We cannot move an inch without the power of God. In our own strength we will move a bit but in God’s strength we will move mountains. God’s limitless power is available to us when we come to the end of our power. This is why we need to operate in the Spirit to see the world turned upside down. The disciples were known to have done this and we can do the same. The same resurrection power is available to us who believe. Come let us walk in the resurrection power of Jesus and be done with walking in our own power.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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