Your Tongue Is The Most Powerful Force On Earth


God spoke and He created the world’s. God has given man the same authority to create through his tongue. However through the Fall a curse came upon all creation. Now man has the power to bless or to curse. What we see in the world is the power of curses. Our tongue has been used by Satan to steal, kill and destroy. All the news broadcasts is news of the destructive power of the tongue. Man is constantly putting down his neighbour to profit. The agenda of media everywhere is to divide and rule. From governments to corporations to families the same applies. Our tongue is a great force and none can tame it.


God confused man with dividing tongues at the Tower of Babel. This was because man was getting too powerful as they were united in their one tongue. At Pentecost God touched our tongue and united us in the Spirit. God is in the business of unity and He gave us a way of escape. A man who can control his tongue can control his body. Like a rudder on a ship this small organ controls the whole body. Isaiah prayed that God with touch his tongue with coal of fire to cleanse it. Men have tried to cut off their tongue to stop it defiling them. Mutilating the body is man’s way of trying to control his body. However God’s way is through His Spirit.


We need to surrender our tongue to God to help us speak His word. In the Spirit we can overcome all things. We can speak health to our body and our relationships. We can overcome battles that have been fought by just one word from the Spirit. Jesus spoke the healing word and the centurion’s servant was healed at a distance. So powerful are words to transcend time and distance. So also our prayers in the Spirit have power to reverse the destructive forces on earth. We can bring heaven to earth through our anointed words. Today let us watch our words for they are a force to curse or to bless, to heal or to wound.

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