Truth Is Divisive. Yet Truth In Jesus Unites.

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Truth has always been under attack. When Jesus faced Pilate He said “I am the Truth”. Pilate responded by asking “what is truth”? So also today amid the plethora of fake news, truth is buried under it. Truth is in a person and His name is Jesus. Jesus came to reveal the truth and so He could say I am the truth. No one believed Him when He came and the same condition prevails today. We seek the truth but never seem to accept what is revealed. We keep searching for the truth though our finite mind. Truth appears to us but we ignore it to our peril. What is truth is ignored and we create truth in our own imagination. God revealed Himself to the nation of Israel but they chose to build an image of God to worship.


Man today too is building images to worship. God said you will have no images to worship. In direct rebellion we continue to build images of wealth, race, sex and other images that satisfy our own fallen desires. We worship the creation rather than the Creator. Truth therefore is ignored and is replaced by images of the truth. An image is not the original. It is just an image. Just like an idol of God is not God. Why do we do this? Man wants to be in control of his own destiny. We reject God and His ways because we were born in sin and continue to sin. There is only one way of escape and that is through Jesus.


Man tries to calm his conscience through alternative ways but God has provided a way of escape. Those who find Him know He is the truth. There is no other way to please God but through His Son. Jesus was sent to deliver us from our sad state. However we choose to look to other ways of salvation. This is why many are called but few are chosen. Judas was called but not chosen. He allowed Satan to infiltrate his soul and betray His Saviour. We all could be a Judas if we 

do not hold on to His way to the end. Once saved always saved is a lie. The ten virgins all came prepared but only five went through because they were prepared and waiting till the end. Let us also pursue till the end and not lose heart and give up.

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