Knowing God’s Will And Doing It


We pray many times that God’s will be done. However this prayer maybe a cop out of knowing what God’s will is! Knowing His will means we must know His mind on a certain matter. Is it God’s will to heal? If the answer is yes then we must pray accordingly and see His will being manifested in healing. This will lead to a different kind of prayer to the one where we hope we get the right answer. One is a prayer by random and the other a prayer by target. Random prayers result in random answers. Targeted prayers result in targeted answers.


God has provided answers through His word. We can know His will through His written word and His Spirit. His Spirit opens up His word and reveals His mind to us. Just reading the word may not give us understanding of His word and will. To know His will is to know the mind of God. Jesus always consulted with His Father and only did what He saw and heard His Father doing. We can hear and see too if we seek His ways and not our way. Many times we are comfortable in doing things our way and only consult God when we are in trouble. God wants to partner with us and not just be a teller machine.


We must begin to demand that our prayers be answered. We can only do this when we know God’s will. God’s will is that we preach the Good news, heal the sick and bring deliverance to the captive. There are no ifs about this. When we know His will we can pray aggressive prayers that will bring answers from His glory in heaven. God has only answers and not questions. All His questions were answered on the Cross when He cancelled the power of sin and the devil. We now have access to all the riches in glory through Jesus. This is what Jesus came to do through His death and resurrection. Now it is up to us to implement His will on earth and pull the answers down.

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