Sin Is A Condition And Not An Act.

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Sin is not a word that is talked about much these days. The concept of sin has negative connotations and in this world of compromise is seen as a stigma. However sin is real and we can see the consequences of sin all around us. Most of us confuse sin as a condition with the acts of sin. We condemn others because of their sinful behaviours. Sin has been defined as rebellion or anything that proclaims itself above God. This happened in the garden of Eden when Eve decided to listen to the voice of Satan and gave into the temptation to eat of the fruit of good and evil. Today we too relish in eating from the tree of good and evil and therefore bring a curse upon ourselves.

Spiritual Condition

Sin is a spiritual condition. We were all born in sin and need redemption. God planned this from the beginning that He would redeem man from his sinful sate. He did this by sending His Son Jesus to be the sacrifice for sin. His blood was shed and now works through His resurrection to redeem us from our sinful state. His blood is powerful to redeem because it continues to work as if it is alive and powerful to cleanse all sin. This is the Good News of the gospel. God made a way where there was no way, for man to return to God in a sinless state. His blood cleanses us from all sin.


This is the power that now works in us to continue to redeem our soul from this wicked world. We are all prone to sin even though our spirit has been redeemed. However we have a way of escape through His blood. This blood sacrifice is eternal and works in us an eternal work of salvation. His blood is enough to cleanse the vilest sinner who comes to Him to be saved. This is a spiritual transaction. No man can buy his salvation for it by grace through faith that we are saved. Come today and be saved from sin and be made whole in Jesus Name.

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