Only In The Spirit Can We Live An Abundant Life


God is Spirit and he created us as spirit beings. We live in our body and have a soul. Our soul thinks, feels and decides. Our spirit was dead and through the born again experience was redeemed and is alive. Our soul is being redeemed. Our body will one day die and return to the dust. When Jesus said that we would have life and that abundant, He was referring to our spirit that was redeemed through His death and resurrection. Our spirit will return to Him when we die and we will sit with Him in heaven. In fact we are already seated with Him in heaven now but the full realisation will come after we die.


Our soul is being redeemed. We are still dealing with issues in our soul. This is why we need to be transformed in our minds to think and feel like Jesus. This transformation is a process. Many are unaware of this and therefore when conflicted feel guilty and blame themselves. Many are the struggles in the soul and many fall because they give up the fight. The Holy Spirit who resides in us can help us in our weakness. He can make the crooked places straight and turn the hurt into healing. Salvation is for the whole person and not just for the spirit. When we experience His salvation in our soul and body, this becomes a sign and a wonder.

Abundant Living

Today we can live an abundant life in the spirit. His abundant life resides in us. Streams of living water flows through us. We need to tap into this stream and not be distracted by the enemy of our soul. Demons get attached to hurt and unforgiveness. They have no place in our soul. We need to deal with them as if they are our enemy and rout them out through the blood and Name of Jesus. This is the only way we can progress in our Christian life. Our weakness will be turned into strength. Do not hide your weakness but turn it into a strength through the Spirit.

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